VESEL design d.o.o.

VESEL design is a Slovenian company that creates luxury iPhone cases. Minimalistic but exquisitely crafted with high hand-finished quality. Our edge cases are made using a combination of wood and aluminium. Vesel cases are extremely slim, light and without signal loss. Wood provides a more comfortable grip and prestige feel.


Veselcase Selected As Best Premium iPhone Case By Luxe Digital


What do you get when you blend the advanced engineering with design and craftsmanship? You get some of the most premium iPhone cases on the market.


Vesel’s vision for iPhone cases has been one of passion and unique design to create a product that looks and feel premium. Because your phone is one of your most personal objects, we think it should reflect who you are and what you care for.


Every Vesel iPhone case comes with a money-back guarantee—testimony to the confidence we have in the quality and craftsmanship of our production process. 


A sentiment that was shared by the discerning lifestyle editors from Luxe Digital who ranked us the one of the most premium iPhone case brand in the world in 2020 in their selection of the best iPhone cases. Luxe Digital is a luxury magazine that covers life’s finest modern luxuries, from fashion to technology and more.


“Superb design and build quality for a case that shows the results of attention to details and craftsmanship. We can’t stop admiring the curves and intertwining wood and steel of the Vesel case.” - Luxe Digital


Their editor’s choice is our Frozen Black and Walnut case. Our iconic cases are also available in other luxury finishes, including Midnight Green, Chocolate Brown, and Frozen Silver.


Every Vesel case integrates earthy wood securely with aluminium to create a robust and durable protection for your phone. The sides of the case are slightly higher than your phone, so it’s always protected when you place it on a surface. The overall design is both minimalistic and timeless.


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