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VESEL design is a Slovenian company that creates luxury iPhone cases. Minimalistic but exquisitely crafted with high hand-finished quality. Our edge cases are made using a combination of wood and aluminium. Vesel cases are extremely slim, light and without signal loss. Wood provides a more comfortable grip and prestige feel.


My Apple’s best feature so far


Not only new iPhones, also new iOS has been released to and? Lest see :)

After ​first few days of ​using the new software I have been really impressed with the new screenshoot feature where after taking the screenshoot the editor appears automatically and also some great hack candies with it :)

So withouth further ado let's​ jump straight in to a ​few of​ my favorite features and hacks ​for the new iOS screenshoot editor.​

As we all know we are making screenshoots mostly for our personal note​s​ and most of the time no additional notes are neccessary, and now with the iOS 11 when we can ​write something within 5 seconds I am sure we all will find this features more usefull.

And here it is:

After testing all the tools, functions and colors I have found following features to be the most usefull most of the time, And with following them alone you will not have to use any additional features 99% of the time.

So as fast as this sound just as simple as it is :) this is all you need to know about editor used for your personal notes.

When we want to share screenshoot with someone else and we want to explain certain details about the picture we can use the folowing feautres.

Now, there are now two great ways to do it.

First and my favorite is Apple'new screen recording feature that will save you ages of time when you will try to explain and share how to use something on your iPhone or how certain app or bug behave ​while running.
Here bellow I made you a screenshot tutorial. Guess what kind of equipment I used?​

I did everything by my iPhone and new screen recording feature.

So let me show you, how you can use it for yourself.

And the second feature is how to proffesionally explain and represent something to​ someone from your screenshoots using creative hacks in the tool itself :) I made a video for you guys which you will find down bellow and am I inviting you to take a look and see how simple it really is to make profesional content directly from your iPhone just under 5 minutes :)

Thank you and have a great day :)

Denis Vesel

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