VESEL design d.o.o.

VESEL design is a Slovenian company that creates luxury iPhone cases. Minimalistic but exquisitely crafted with high hand-finished quality. Our edge cases are made using a combination of wood and aluminium. Vesel cases are extremely slim, light and without signal loss. Wood provides a more comfortable grip and prestige feel.

116,35€(137,29$) (-35%)

Preorder your iPhone XS Max case now!

There is a limited supply so by preordering ,it will ensure that you get your hand's on this unique VESEL iPhone XS Max case.

Only - 100 pieces - of the first iPhone Max cases will be shipped out in mid November.

What makes our case unique is how it feels in your hand, the materials it's made with, and the remarkable precision with which it's been built.
Important info
Case is guaranteed 100% without signal loss.
Case is compatible only with original iPhone accessories
Package including: 1 iPhone case, screwdriver, serial number plate, microfiber cleaning cloth, 2 screws, 3 Swarovski crystals

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