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VESEL design is a Slovenian company that creates luxury iPhone cases. Minimalistic but exquisitely crafted with high hand-finished quality. Our edge cases are made using a combination of wood and aluminium. Vesel cases are extremely slim, light and without signal loss. Wood provides a more comfortable grip and prestige feel.

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A luxury case designed for people who appreciate perfection. 

The Vesel cases are the world’s slimmest iPhone cases, combining aluminium and wood into a singular and seamless whole. Our cases are also very light, adding very little to the overall weight of your phone. All our components are milled and turned on modern, high-precision CNC machines for the utmost craftsmanship – we use 7075 aluminium and the highest quality wood, and the result is slim-feeling, luxurious and unique. The wood is oil-finished, and the aluminium buttons work perfectlySwarovski crystals

Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals are made in Austria, to the highest quality. The size and position of the crystals are carefully chosen for stability and longevity, and their beauty speaks for themselves. 

Finish of Wood

Our wood process starts with carefully chosen, solid pieces of wood that are precisely turned on a 5-axis CNC machine, creating seamless joints and enabling a button-click experience that can’t be replicated in other cases. After machining, natural oil-based lacquer is applied to give the wood a more vivid colour pigment, and increases the durability of the case. 

Finish of Aluminium

Our aluminium is first treated using a cutting-edge sandblasting technology, using glass ceramic beads, followed by electrical polishing which adds the deep colour finish. Finally, the metal is anodised, where carefully-chosen colour pigments are applied – a process which when finished leaves a durability and hardness comparable to diamond. 

Our cases are guaranteed 100% without signal loss.

Compatible only with original iPhone accessories.


Package includes: 1 iPhone case, screwdriver, serial number plate, microfiber cleaning cloth, 2 screws,
3 Swarovski crystals

Important info
Case is guaranteed 100% without signal loss.
Case is compatible only with original iPhone accessories
Package including: 1 iPhone case, screwdriver, serial number plate, microfiber cleaning cloth, 2 screws, 3 Swarovski crystals

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