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VESEL design is a Slovenian company that creates luxury iPhone cases. Minimalistic but exquisitely crafted with high hand-finished quality. Our edge cases are made using a combination of wood and aluminium. Vesel cases are extremely slim, light and without signal loss. Wood provides a more comfortable grip and prestige feel.



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The story began 3 years ago when we got the amazing idea to create the worlds best iPhone case.
At first glance, one would think, that designing an iPhone case would be a breeze. But alas, designing the best takes time. It took 18 months before the case was finished. Lets take a view of what we learned during our 18 month journey.

The first VESELcase prototype had a full aluminium body and in all honesty looked amazing. But, (and this was a big one) as soon as we started using our prototypes with our iPhones, we found out that the case acted like a Faraday cage and blocked around 70% of all signals and also burned a lot of phones battery power. So it was back to the drawing board again. The obvious solution was to make a case that is not made completely from metal. We considered a plethora of different materials but found the qualities of wood best. We decided to combine the two materials together and create something truly amazing. So now we had to combine two totally different materials into something that will fit and work perfectly together. Our goal of retaining superb standards while still having a case that can be produced on large scale, seemed far away at the start of this process. The main problem was that wood is a natural material that expands and shrinks depending on environmental factors. To achieve the level of quality we and you want, we hand finish every single case, then test the result. Only after it is all checked, we package and ship it to our customers all over the world.

How our version of the best iPhone case looks like now?
It is a hand finished product. A stylish combination of wood and aluminium with aluminium buttons including the mute/ring switch. The slim case is designed to accent the the beauty of the iPhone and doesn't hide the Apple logo. The front lip is large enough to fit a glass screen protector. The back lip fixes the camera bump issue and indirectly protects the camera lens.


"I got my hands on a $150 iPhone 6 case, and I love every inch of it" -
"A $150 iPhone 6 case that’s worth every penny?" -


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